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11:46am 02/08/2006
  Grease2 : Reproduction video
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12:00am 12/06/2006
  so, i'm new, i'm kate and i'm dying to know.
what musical / song is the "you're gunna love me" song from, because it's stuck in my head. there was a flash of it on the tony's if that helps. HELPPP MEE.
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Hello everyone! 
12:04pm 14/04/2006
  I just joined and I thought I'd introduce myself. My name's Crystal, I'm 18 (turning 19 in May), and I live in Toronto. Oh, and I'm completely addicted to musicals (but that goes without saying in this community ;)). My favourite musicals (at the moment) are: "Rent" (it's coming to Toronto in May!!! Can't wait!), Wicked (coming back to Toronto in October! Can't WAIT!!!), "Avenue Q", "You're a good man, Charlie Brown", "Parade", "Songs for a new world", "The last 5 years,", "A new brain", and last but certainly not least, "The 25th annual Putnam County spelling bee". If any of you have any suggestions for other musicals, please tell me! I'm always looking for new musicals. Oh, and I recently (like yesterday) started a forum called "Musical addicts". I'd be eternally grateful if you guys could check it out and maybe even join. Thanks!
07:17pm 09/03/2006
  Do you like to come up with alternate lyrics for songs? In search of something good to sing during practicies? Found an awesome parody that you want to share with the world?

Then alternate_lyric is your place to go. Off-color lyrics for mainstream songs. Check us out!
07:41am 30/10/2005
  Does anyone know of the Broadway musical, BELLS ARE RINGING?
I'm doing a report on the musical, more specifically the song JUST IN TIME, from it.
I can't seem to find what point in the musical the piece (JUST IN TIME) comes in & what's going on while it's performed.

If anyone can help that would be great.

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06:14pm 09/10/2005
  I was wondering what everyone thought about the song "Memory" from the musical CATS.
I absolutely love the song.

I think the lyrics are beautiful as well as the music.
Does anyone have an opinion about it? How the music flows with the lyrics?
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Funny Girl-People 
11:29am 05/10/2005
  I dont know if this is allowed, if not go ahead and delete it, but....

For my Songs & Song Writing class I have to do a paper on Broadway Musicals...
You guys are usually good analyzing songs & such.

I was wondering if anyone was familiar with Bob Merrill.
One of his great works is the song, People..many know it from the Broadway Musical [and film] Funny Girl.

I was wondering what you all thought of the lyrics and music [flow]? Do they corralate with one another?

The music was done by Jule Styne, by the way.

I was just curious. I love the movie Funny Girl. Any feedback and opinions to compare with my own would be nice.
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hello :-) 
10:45pm 01/06/2005
  what a perfect place to ask this question, glad i found this community. i have a question about Wicked lyrics. i have a live version of 'No Good Deed' and after the line "but what i made was a mess" she sings something but i can't make it out and its bugging me. does anyone know?

thanks :-)
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03:40pm 04/05/2005
  Does anyone have, or know where I can find, the lyrics to I Do! I Do!? Thanks.

~the Tani
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03:40pm 25/03/2005
  I've recently joined this group. I just wanted to say Hello and I was wondering:
Does anybody have the 'The Secret Garden - Lily's Eyes' lyric? I've been searching for it, but I can't find it. I simply love this song and it would be great to have the lyric ^^
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08:28pm 31/01/2005
  I just joined this community today, and I figured, what better place to ask this!

I've been looking for the lyrics to There Once Was a Man (I Love You More) from The Pajama Game for MONTHS now...no real reason except I fell in love with the song...if anyone could help me out, I'd love it!
11:15pm 31/12/2004
  Can ne of u fantastic people tell me what song this is from:

We have so much power that's locked inside us, everytime i touch you it flows!

please we REALLY need this asap

thanks and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
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04:00pm 23/11/2004
we're not going to be nice, so if you suck, don't bother.
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11:10pm 20/10/2004
We're not gonna be polite, so if you are gonna suck, don't bother.
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12:54am 05/09/2004
  hi my name is ashley and i love this place
i was wondering if anyone had the lyrics to My Child Will Forgive Me from Parade?
i was thinking about singing that song for the thespian festival this year
also, i know this community is for lyrics, but i was wondering if any member has shete music for There's a Fine, Fine Line from Avenue Q?
my email is babicakez812@netscape.net

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Back to Before 
12:30pm 30/08/2004
  This was the first song I heard from Ragtime, sung by Marin Mazzie. I was soon obsessed,
ang got the complete soundtrack. It is not just another gorgeous song-it has significance in
the show. The placement is after Father leaves Atlantic City, and Mother is once again on
her own. This time, she is independent, and actually likes herself more that way. It is the
climax of her breaking free from her husband. All of the songs in Ragtime are wonderful,
but some of them seem unimportant. While some shows seemed focused on costumes,
dance, or operetta sytle, this one seems circling around songs. They might as well have
made it an operetta. During the show, I felt it needed more book. However, if any had
been cut, I also feel it would’ve been a great loss. Though this is a song well-connected to
the show, it also works as an indiviadual piece. Patti LuPone recorded it on Matters of the
Heart. In general, I must say I’m more of a Patti fan, but I liked the original version better.
I’m more used to it, being the first I heard of that remarkable song.

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x-posted everywhere 
07:59pm 19/08/2004
  x-posted everywhere

okay i need your help. so i'm leaving for college september 4th and while i'm away, my mom is going to redo my room. she's painting the walls green with pink trim (uber-wicked!! haha) but she's going to be quotes from musicals on the walls. now i need your help, i need inspirational/good quotes from shows. preferably the songs.

some examples:

and if i'm flying solo
at least i'm slying free


no other path
no other way
no day but today


if you could help, PLEASE comment! thanks bunches!! :)

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Lyric Request (Again) 
12:32pm 16/08/2004
  Dear Friends,
I was wondering if anyone had the lyrics to "Calamari" from A New Brain. I'm also looking for the lyrics to Journey On from Ragtime.
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10:43am 16/08/2004
  Does anyone have the lyrics of Wonderful Town? I'm particularly looking for the complete lyrics to Ohio, Ruth's Story Vignettes, and 100 Easy Ways to Lose a Man. Thankee!

05:10pm 10/08/2004
  does anyone have lyrics to I, Don Quixote the lord of la mancha? I don't know the exact title but I did the first line. I would really like them. I was also wondering is that primarily a female song or can a male sing it as well. My friend is asking. thanks! :)  
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